El Molin Essence: experimental cuisine within the Trentino mountains

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Cuisine that is born from the love of the mountains, from the desire to experiment it through a path of research, without forgetting the traditions of Trentino

Living in a territory like the one of the Dolomites in Trentino, all you need is to open the window for inspiration.

The mountains, the air we breathe, the woods, the wonders that bless us everyday, and the diversity of each season.

This is where the Dolomitic Expression is born: our search of tradition: of local culture and of botanic science, our way of expressing cuisine from the land that surrounds us in all its form and essence, while keeping in mind the mountains and the traditions that are used. 

This is what makes the difference, their simplicity help give wealth and honor to our beloved Dolomites.

Farmers, ranchers, hunters, cheese makers and men of art. The result can only be seen as a form of art, of expression, modus operandi et pensandi.

By working together we want to tell the stories of the mountains that you will never forget and that you will pass on well beyond the Trentino region

Alessandro GilmozziAlessandro GilmozziAlessandro Gilmozzi

El Molin "at the pinnacle" in Trentino

The 11 am snak


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